of course I chose to highlight the eagle side of this incredible silver coin
one side reads TRUST the other side reads PEACE/I went with peace and I think it's only fitting for this months collection inspiration and for this year in general
also the year is faceside down and you have to trust me that it's a 1926 silver dollar, and I like that
a large piece of blue sky turquoise hovers above the coin/reminding us who this land really belongs to
a rustic hammered sterling bezel secures the piece the back simply stamped FLY FREE and is artist signed
pendant is removable/hangs from a hefty 20 inch/5mm sterling ball chain with lobster clasp
like many US coins, the silver peace dollar carries historical significance and stunning design/they were produced in limited quantities and only for a few years
I was gifted several of these years back, and finally found the inspiration to use them/ I hope this 'PEACE' brings someone great joy

1926 Peace Dollar