forged/stamped from heavy sterling ingot this thunderbird depicts a story of change
I created this piece during a time of great division and struggle in our Nation. while bearing witness to a divided country, uncertainty and an incredible uprising, I prayed and worked away trying to put a little beauty in the world. I kept thinking; we must get back to nature! we must seek our answers here just like our ancestors taught us, and this sweet bird was born! there was no planning, just good intention and thought. I prayed for this piece, and for its wearer, that they too will be renewed and ready for a great change. 

two stamped renewal snakes meet at the top telling the messinger bird to alert the world, there is work to be done 
light varigrated bluestone of turquoise is sonoran gold (the earth) braided bolo leather is light saddle color and matched the matrix of the stone
handmade sterling back slide and bolo tips complete the piece/adjustable

messenger bolo