this might be one of my favorite pieces ever made


the oversized thunderbird is hefty and forged of recycled sterling/stamped wings brings her to life boasting an incredible white buffalo turquoise in the shape of a tear or point


the stone is black, brown, white and a slight of grey/backside is stamped THE JOURNEY and artist signed


a beautiful mix of black and white stone sliced-heishi beads from west Africa are estimated to be 80-100 years old/the contrasting sand colored heshi is also old, worn, pitted and beautiful


I've fashioned a copper 'red cent' penny as a button that secures the piece with a buffalo hide-leather lace loop closure (color-whiskey)


pendant is 3 inches long alone and removable if desired/all sterling parts/piece falls 15 inches long/24 inches of rare beaded goodness


she is wise and reminds us; our lessons in life always come from the journey, not the destination


I hope you love her

the journey necklace